Working With Billable Items

Billable items are bits of work you can charge for. For example if you want to bill someone for building a new website or installing a new boiler, you can create a billable item. Billable items allow you to set a price and then when you create an estimate or invoice you can choose from your list of items.

Billable items can also be used in an ad-hoc manner. For example if you are building someone a new website but you also want to add on hosting costs, you can create a billable item which can be used alongside the new website item.

To make creating estimates and invoices more streamlined, whenever you create a new job, we'll automatically create a billable item based off the job name. It will show when you go to add the item to your estimates or invoices.

Heads up!

You cannot delete a billable item as they are referenced in any estimates and invoices you create. Instead you can choose to "Archive" them. this will remove them from view when you select which items to bill to your clients.