Privacy Policy

What are cookies?

a cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that can be saved to your computer when you visit a website. An easy to understand guide on cookies can be found on the ICO website.

What data do we collect?

ClientWide takes your privacy seriously. We've tried to keep the use of cookies to an absolute minimum on this website. This privacy policy will explain how this website uses the personal data we collect from you, when you use our website.

We use the following 3rd party services:

Google Recaptcha - This is used to help prevent spam enquiries on business listing pages. It attempts to check if the submitted enquiry is from an automated robot, better known as a "bot". As a result of this Google may set cookies on your machine. If you choose to block 3rd party cookies, you may find that you cannot contact a business using the enquiry form.

Stripe - Stripe is an online payments provider. when you subscribe to a premium plan, we use Stripe's billing technology to allow us to collect monthly or yearly payments from yourself. Stripe may set cookies on your machine.

Cookies that the website uses:

When using this site as a registered user. When you log in, we create a session cookie which lets us know you are the person you logged in as. When you navigate between pages that require you to be logged in E.g. your account or dashboard, this cookie lets us know you are authorised to view the given page.

These cookies are destroyed when you logout or go inactive for a period of time.

How to manage your cookies

Your web browser will allow you to specify what cookies a website should be able to set. Again the ICO website has a handy section on how to change these settings on the browser of your choice, under the heading: "Where to find information about controlling cookies".

Your Consent

By Using the ClientWide website, you agree that the above listed cookie(s) may be set on your machine. However, you can set your browser not to accept these cookies. If you choose to block all cookies, you will find that the website will not function correctly, mainly around being able to log in and navigate restricted areas such as your account or dashboard.

Restricting all 3rd party cookies is a common choice, however you may find that contacting a business may fail, or you may be unable to sign up when setting up your subscription.