ClientWide is built for freelancers and small businesses. Say goodbye to the Excel spreadsheets and paper. Level up your workflow. All your clients, jobs, estimates, invoices and time tracking all in one place.

Client Management

Working with clients is made easy. Search and view details about each of your clients, which includes:

Revenue over Time

See how much revenue you've made at a glance on your dashboard or view individual clients income.

Active Jobs

It's easy to see all your upcoming jobs from your dashboard, or you can use advanced filters to find jobs based on client name, email and price range.

Client Standing

Assign ratings against each client so you can easily see who's a pleasure to work with and who isn't. Don't work with bad clients again!

Client Notes

Need to jot down some notes from a meeting? No problem. You can write as many notes as you please so you're fully informed when it comes to working with that client next.

Stay on top of jobs

Everything you need to manage your jobs. Set start and end dates, job difficulty, notes and status. Features include:

Choose your clients local currency for invoicing.

With ClientWide you can choose what currency to bill your client in. When you create estimates and invoices, all expenses will be in their local currency.

Add pictures to your jobs

Sometimes you need to add photos to show the work you've done. ClientWide lets you easily add photos to each job.

View estimates and invoices

If you've raised invoices or estimates against a job, you'll be able to see them all in one place, helping you stay organised.

Charging for items of work made easy

Introducing Billable Items - Jobs or pieces of work that you can charge to your clients.

Uses your clients native currency

Estimates and invoices automatically know which currency to use for your clients.

Usable across all clients and invoices

Billable items can be used when creating estimates and invoices. They can be shared across all jobs so you don't have duplicates clogging up your workflow.

Add descriptions to your items of work

If needed you can add brief descriptions to your billable items which show up on your invoices and estimates. Helpful if you need to give your clients more context for the items you're charging for.

Estimates and Invoices

Professional and easy to create invoices in just a few clicks. Don't waste anymore time looking for invoice templates or messing around with sums and tax calculations. Let us do the hard work for you instead.

Unlimited Estimates and Invoices

Create and edit as many as you need. Download and email to your clients. Estimates and invoices are kept against your clients and jobs so finding them is easy.

Tax / VAT calculations

If you need to add tax / VAT to your estimates and invoices. We'll automatically calculate this for you. You can also set your rates on a per invoice basis.

Estimate and Invoice Customisation

Choose from multiple templates with the ability to customise what appears on them. Coming Soon.

Time Management & Reminders

Make sure you charge your clients the correct amount. One of the hard parts of freelancing is knowing how much to charge. By setting your hourly rate, we'll show you how much each hour of work you've logged converts into money. You'll be able to see if your estimates for jobs are accurate or not.

Send weekly, monthly and yearly reminders to clients to remind them to re-book your services.

Time Tracking

Log time against each client / job to see how long you actually spend. We'll also show you how much your work costs if you add your hourly rate. Great for checking if you're close to your estimates.

Calendar Premium

The calendar shows you all your active and upcoming jobs for each month, which helps you stay organised. Integrates with Google Calendar.

Reminders Premium

Send your clients interval based reminders as follow ups for repeat business. Choose between one-off and recurring reminders. Choose the content of your messages too.

Company Profile, Portfolio & Leads

ClientWide optionally gives you a public profile as a way of advertising your business. You can also create portfolio items to show potential clients your work. Premium plans allow clients to contact you, which come in as potential leads.

Company Profile

Advertise your business and services on your own customised business page. Display your logo, address, and contact details. Custom URLs E.g /red-hot-heating-and-plumbing.

Showcase your portfolio

Add photos and description of your work to your company profile. Add multiple photos from your jobs and give a brief description. Helps attract clients.

Leads Premium

Allow customers to contact you via an online form with their requirements. Get leads delivered to your inbox. We'll also automatically add their jobs to your calendar and will alert you if you already have a job booked on that date.

Simple pricing, that grows with your business.

We offer a generous free account to get you started. Upgrade to premium features as and when you need.

Side Hustle

Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started and small businesses.


  • 5 Clients
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Invoices
  • Track hours worked
  • Business Profile
  • Up to 5 portfolio items
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Lead Generation
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Great for small businesses who are established or have a steady flow of clients.

£150 per year

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Invoices
  • Track hours worked
  • Business Profile
  • Up to 15 portfolio items
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Lead Generation
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Lifetime Access

Unlimited clients and all features. Also includes any features we add at a later date.

£299 one time payment

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Invoices
  • Track hours worked
  • Business Profile
  • Up to 15 portfolio items
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Lead Generation
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